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Building Energy Management Systems

Installing or optimising a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) allows you to automate the control and monitoring of your building’s HVAC systems, lighting and energy usage with the aim of reducing carbon and saving you money.

What is a BEMS?

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is an automated control system that monitors your building’s internal environment and ensures that your systems (such as heating, cooling and lighting) are providing optimal comfort for occupants without wasting energy.

Your BEMS package will use sensors to monitor levels of heat, light and movement in order to determine an appropriate system response. Once the desired condition, which will have been programmed by your BEMS provider, is achieved it will be regulated and maintained for as long as it is needed using the minimum energy required. In doing so, you can ensure that no energy is being used unnecessarily.

A BEMS is often integrated with a traditional Building Management System (BMS) which typically includes non-energy systems such as fire and security. If you currently operate a BMS, we are able to install additional software or hardware to add energy management capabilities to your system.

How can you benefit from installing a BEMS?

Installing a Building Energy Management System will help you greatly improve the overall efficiency of your energy use, reduce your organisation’s costs and carbon output and improve the internal environment of your building. As well as offering a healthier, more efficient environment, a BEMS will be able to alert building users to potential hazards such as an increase in carbon monoxide levels.

Following install and optimisation you will also be rewarded with detailed logging and reporting of your energy use, allowing you to identify where future improvement and upgrade work can be concentrated.

The packages we can offer have a number of specific advantages including:

  • Flexible to a range of building types
  • Compatible with your current energy system
  • Continuous cost savings and optimisation available
  • Allow users to manage a number of buildings from one system
  • Remote access so that buildings can be monitored and optimised without the expenses of a site-visit
  • Flexible demand control and reduction

Why choose Sustain?

For many organisations, Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) offer an attractive solution to their energy needs. Through undertaking in depth audits and analysis, Sustain’s experts can determine whether this is the case and recommend the most appropriate system for you. Our experience also means we will be able to capitalise on the insights that a BEMS offers. We will continually analyse and monitor your energy data and provide recommendations into where additional improvements can be made throughout your buildings.

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