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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) offers a cleaner, more efficient onsite solution to your heating and electricity requirements. In contrast to a traditional, ‘separate’ heat and power source, CHP is able to re-use thermal energy that is otherwise lost in order to provide heating. Upon installation of a CHP unit, your organisation will see reduced costs as well as improved reliability and efficiency.

Sustain are able to design and install award winning Combined Heat & Power units for a range of public and private sector organisations. From assessing the potential for CHP systems through to detailed design, installation and commissioning, we provide a comprehensive service which provides CHP solutions that are tailored to your building’s needs.

These systems are typically built around gas or biogas together with integral controls, thermal storage and the facility for remote monitoring. We can also supply diesel powered units of similar capacity.

Our CHP solutions are ideal for sheltered housing when an existing communal heating system is being replaced, or in new residential or mixed-use developments. As well as designing and installing new CHP units, we are able to optimise existing units to ensure they are performing as efficiently as possible.

What we’ll do

For your new build or existing heat networks Sustain’s engineers and project managers can deliver:

  • Performance healthchecks and verification
  • Options appraisals, feasibility studies and investment case modelling
  • Design and performance specification
  • Procurement and installation

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