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Energy Systems Engineering

Our expert engineers provide optimal efficiency for your heating, cooling and power systems

Our Approach

We provide an end-to-end approach, working with old systems and brand new systems to re-engineer and optimise their performance.
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District Heating Consultancy

We support your District Heating projects from concept to operation.

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Heat Networks Optimisation

We design new heat networks or optimise existing ones to improve the efficiency and resilience of your energy systems.

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High Efficiency Boilers

Whether you’re using fossil fuels or renewables, we work with you to ensure your system is performing as efficiently and reliably as possible.
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Heat Pumps

We design and install heat pump technology which has a low environmental impact and makes your organisation less vulnerable to volatile energy prices.

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

CHP offers a cleaner, more efficient onsite solution to your heating and electricity requirements. We can design and install these systems for your organisation.

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Solar PV & Thermal

The increasing number of organisations using Solar has spurred on dramatic advances in this technology. We have experts that can assess if PV is right for you.

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