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Whole Life Carbon Modelling

Sustain are experts in helping organisations understand the complete carbon impact of their buildings, products or processes over the entirety of the lifecycle from ‘cradle to grave’.

We believe in taking a holistic approach and looking at all elements of the supply chain so it’s possible to understand the true impact. Only by considering all the elements of raw materials, operating costs, refurbishments and end of life costs can organisations be confident of making true savings, rather than simply shifting environmental impacts up or down the supply chain. Sustain can provide whole life carbon modelling at various stages of projects but we have particular expertise in working with designers, builders and architects in those early planning stages. Our consultants are able to identify carbon savings that can aid planning applications and add real value to proposals in a competitive marketplace.

Carbon Footprinting

We understand that when it comes to products, the environmental impact of a given product has become more and more important to the consumer. As such we have worked with leading retail companies to provide carbon footprinting for a multitude of items from hand dryers to loaves of bread!

Once again, we look at all elements of the supply chain and the processes involved. We then use our analysts to understand the amount of carbon produced for each individual item.

The advantage of this information is firstly to see where savings can be made so that companies are able to meet their own carbon reduction targets but secondly, it can provide an excellent marketing opportunity to reassure consumers that their product has been produced with its carbon impact in mind.

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