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Metering, Monitoring & Targeting

Through modern metering, monitoring and targeting practices, organisations are able to focus in on the most resource heavy elements of their buildings and look to make savings and improve energy efficiency.


The first step in this process is to provide more detailed metering. Your average quarterly energy bill (heat or electricity) can only tell you the total amounts used. At Sustain we are able to install sub metering in both commercial and residential properties to provide reliable and detailed data on a building or a department’s performance.

The data provided by more advanced metering allows organisations to examine things such as ‘out of hours’ energy performance or see where certain areas of the building are using more energy- such as a catering department or an IT department.


Following the metering exercise, our experienced data analysts will look at the data provided. We do this firstly to allow the user to understand how much energy is being used in different building zones or departments. This is useful to then incentivise departments to cut their energy use or to appropriate costs to that particular departmental budget. Secondly, using the data, we are able to identify faults such as a valve stuck open or a pump running on full in the system far quicker than regular service checks.

We can be a complimentary partner to your energy and service team and have helped many clients gain a better understanding of their energy use and identify where efficiency can be improved.


At Sustain, we believe in organisations having achievable and meaningful targets when it comes to cutting energy and carbon. That means finding a balance between ambition and pragmatism. Our experts are experienced in helping clients set realistic goals that are achievable without being a ‘tick box exercise’.

We have had great success in bringing together the hardware, software and end users to embed better energy use throughout an organisation.

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