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Energy Management

We provide an integrated set of Energy Management services that can be tailored to meet your needs and work with you to control costs and reduce carbon emissions, whilst maintaining energy system performance.

Carbon Strategy

We offer an independent service for organisations looking to create and manage a carbon strategy that is tailored to their needs.

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Whole Life Carbon Modelling

We help organisations understand the complete carbon impact of their buildings, products or processes over the entirety of their lifecycle.

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Metering, Monitoring & Targeting

Through Metering, monitoring and targeting, we can provide more detailed data for organisations to understand how energy is being used throughout their buildings.

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Building Optimisation

Through this service, we aim to achieve optimal occupant comfort with the minimum energy used in a wide range of buildings.

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Investment Grade Auditing

We can help organisations understand their best and most feasible options for switching to lower carbon energy alternatives for heating and cooling.

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Funding & Finance

We help clients understand and access a variety of funding and finance initiatives with our expert guidance.

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