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Heat Networks (Metering & Billing) Regulations

The 2014 Heat Network Regulations apply to all businesses and individuals that supply and charge for heating, cooling or hot water via a liquid distribution system. Sustain is helping organisations understand & meet these regulations.

In line with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, the regulations aim to improve energy efficiency within Heat Networks – identified as an area of continued inefficiency and poor performance. The regulations are also intended to ensure that customers have individual meters that can reflect their actual energy use and provide them with competitively priced energy.
The deadline for the obligation to notify passed on the 31st December 2015. On behalf of our clients, we notified 10% of all the networks so far submitted to the regulator. We are still managing the compliance requirements for a number of clients. If you think you may need to comply, contact us for expert advice.

All businesses or individuals that supply and charge for heating, cooling or hot water through a communal or district heat network are eligible including but not limited to:


Public Sector





The legislation imposes on several duties regarding notifying the regulator, installing new heat meters and billing.

In choosing Sustain as your Heat Networks compliance partner, we will handle every aspect of the process in order to ensure a compliant submission. Our approach is as follows:

  • Collect and analyse the data for each heat network you operate
  • Undertake a viability study to determine if the installation of heat meters is required
  • Provide additional options to improve your Heat Network efficiency (visit our Heat Network page to find out more about these services)

After initial compliance, the process will need to be completed every four years. Organisations who fail to comply by the deadline leave themselves at risk of having fines imposed on them by the regulator, the National Measurement and Regulation Office.

As a small charity, it is really important that we did not incur avoidable costs in the form of a penalty notice for non-compliance. Sustain were able to translate the regulations in to plain English making it easy for myself and the other trustees to understand what it meant and ensure compliance accordingly.

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