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University of Reading

We have worked with The University of Reading to optimise the energy use of their student services building.

Behaviour change programme initiated for staff and students

Technical improvements identified

25% reduction in targeted areas


  • Management staff felt that the student services building did not meet it’s energy performance expectations.
  • Long term performance improvements were required to ensure energy savings for the university.
  • Physical efficiency improvements such as insulation were deemed less viable due to the relatively efficient design of the building.


  • Energy metering, monitoring & targeting technology was used to identify areas of excess use.
  • Behaviour change programme was introduced in order to reduce consumption in targeted areas.
  • Data collection identified areas where technical improvements could be made – such as time clock controls for electric water heaters that were consistently left on.


  • Detailed energy use data provided for the student services building.
  • The combined approach was able to change the building user’s attitude to energy use.
  • Energy consumption was reduced by 25% in targeted areas.
  • Out of hours energy use was reduced by up to 40%.
  • Approach to energy reduction is set to be implemented elsewhere on the campus.
The monitoring and metering exercise has been a huge success and the University is considering rolling out this approach to other buildings across the campus.- Nigel Hodgson - Energy Manager, The University of Reading

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