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We have worked with Tesco to provide ‘stage one’ product carbon footprinting for ten of their clothing garments.

Accurate and up-to-date data provided

Calculation of 'cradle to factory gate' emissions

Continued progress to carbon reduction targets


  • Providing a sound foundation to develop an effective carbon reduction strategy as part of Tesco’s target to reduce supply chain emissions by 30%.
  • Ensuring that all cradle to ‘factory gate’ impacts were considered.
  • Focussing on a range of variables including fabric type, production processes and country of origin.
  • Working within the complex and fast-moving textiles industry.


  • We effectively engaged with the supply chain which allowed us to acquire accurate and up to date primary data.
  • Studies were undertaken at site level to integrate actual working practices.
  • We engaged with technical staff and suppliers to confirm assumptions regarding processes and machinery.
  • In depth analysis and confirmation of data.


  • Provided cradle to factory gate carbon footprints for 10 garments.
  • Established ‘carbon hotspots’ in terms of life cycle stage, country of origin and type of garment.
  • Process will further improve supplier engagement with carbon reduction process.
  • Stage one’ data was fed into overall organisational and product carbon footprint.
  • Provided real world data rather than assumptions.

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