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St Mary’s School, Shaftesbury

We worked with St Mary’s School, Shaftesbury to install highly efficient LED lighting throughout their grounds

Design, specification and install of LED upgrade

Energy savings guarantee reduced upfront costs

£14,000 saved on annual electricity costs


  • St Mary’s School recognised that improving energy efficiency in their buildings was required but were subject to budget limitations – meaning that any up front costs needed to be minimised
  • The school is a complex estate consisting of a mix of old and new buildings so any work undertaken needed to consider any aesthetic and operational issues
  • Any proposed measures needed to be cost effective and offer significant efficiency gains


  • Sustain conducted detailed energy audits of the school, identifying areas where efficiency could be improved
  • Installing LED lighting was determined to be the most suitable and cost effective solution
  • Sustain developed a business case, outlining costs and savings to the school
  • Sustain were able to provide an energy savings guarantee to cover the costs in the event that the savings predictions were not met
  • Sustain provided detailed designs of a new, highly efficient lighting system
  • Working with Wessex group, Sustain supplied and fitted the new LED lighting system throughout the school estate


  • Initial measurements indicate that the upgrades are set to achieve energy and cost savings above the levels predicted
  • Meter testing at each lighting circuit verified energy savings of 140,000kWh per annum
  • Estimated resultant savings of £14,000 on annual running costs
  • The new lighting greatly enhanced the internal environment of the school

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