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Diocese of Durham

We conducted a heating, cooling and lighting systems review and energy consumption assessment for the Diocese of Durham.

Energy consumption, lighting and controls analysis

Detailed energy audit

Developed program to reduce energy use


  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption.
  • Improve internal comfort condition for the occupants of Cuthbert House.
  • Increase control of the building’s main systems.


  • Analysis of real gas and electricity consumption data against industry benchmarks.
  • Review of building systems including heating, domestic hot water, ventilation, air conditioning
    and lighting.
  • Analysis of building controls and metering arrangement.


  • Detailed recommendations to improve occupant’s comfort, optimise heating, cooling and hot water control and reduce overall building energy consumption.
“As a Diocese and the Church of England we are really focused on reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that all the money we spend is done in the most efficient way. So looking at our use of energy and how we can reduce it is really important to us. We asked Sustain to help us with this by undertaking an energy audit, the results of which are now being used to structure our thinking, decisions and future plans around energy use. We are delighted with the work they have done.”- Andrew Thurston - Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Durham

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