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Cornwall Council

We have conducted a feasibility study for a CHP District Heat & Power Network for Falmouth Docks..

Detailed analysis and development of potential solutions

Identified initial feasibility of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) network

Identified potential for carbon reduction of over 3,000 tonnes


  • Investigating the feasibility of a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) district heat & power network for the docks of Falmouth.
  • Recommendations were required to be cost effective, reliable and able to match existing heat and power loads.
  • Recommendations were required to reduce the environmental impact of the docks.


  • Data analysis and development work was undertaken to identify appropriate solutions.
  • Sustain engaged with stakeholders to determine the suitability of the proposed solutions.
  • Sustain looked at previous proposals to power the docks such as biomass to investigate their viability.
  • Research was concluded with a report proposing the most viable solution.


  • The final recommendation was for an energy centre consisting of two diesel fired CHP engines with two back up boilers.
  • The proposed system would meet the energy and heat requirements of the docks and reduce it’s environmental impact.
  • The carbon savings associated with this system are estimated at over 3,300 tonnes per annum, representing a reduction of 28.6%.
  • The study identified that a CHP solution would be viable and was included in the Port of Falmouth Masterplan.
All persons involved with the Falmouth project have delivered good quality work on time and have been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend and use Sustain again- Peter Rugg, Low Carbon Cornwall (Working with Cornwall Council)

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