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Allied Bakeries

We have worked with Allied Bakeries to provide whole life product carbon footprinting for their Kingsmill range.

Calculations of 'whole-life' carbon emissions

Third party verification of data

Robust reporting of results


  • Providing accountable product carbon footprint data for Kingsmill bread – a top 10 grocery item in the UK.
  • Identifying carbon emission ‘hotspots’ across the product’s lifecycle.
  • Ensuring robust and credible results so Allied Bakeries were able to effectively communicate their sustainability progress.


  • Sustain calculated the carbon emissions for each step of the manufacturing cycle from cultivation to disposal.
  • Sustain’s approach conformed to PAS 2050 and Carbon Trust standards.
  • To ensure credibility, the calculations were subject to third party certification by the Carbon Trust.


  • Allied Bakeries became the first bread producer to use the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label on packaging.
  • Demonstrable commitment to carbon reduction.
  • Provided a platform from which to communicate sustainability progress to customers.
  • Increased recognition for Kingsmill as a quality and credible product.
Allied Bakeries were pleased to have worked alongside The Carbon Trust and Sustain to produce the first carbon label of a bread product in the UK. The project was delivered by Sustain on time and within budget and was verified in accordance with the PAS 2050 specification and the requirements of the carbon label.- Sue Burrell - Head of Compliance & Information, Allied Bakeries

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