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Energy Efficient Lighting

Despite being one of the easiest and most effective efficiency measures to implement, we still operate in many buildings that use inappropriate or outdated lighting systems.

There are significant cost and energy savings to be made through the installation of modern, energy efficient lighting systems. Although the install costs may be higher, the payback time on lighting systems incorporating LEDs can be as little as 18 months, allowing your organisation to see significant returns on investment over their 20 year lifespan. That’s not to mention the productivity benefits – a recent study from the World Green Business Council suggests that better lighting accounts for a 23% increase in productivity.

Our tried and tested lighting solutions are designed to improve your building’s energy efficiency and working environment whilst cutting unnecessary costs.

We offer a holistic approach which goes much further than simply changing a lightbulb. Through conducting detailed site surveys and analysis, we identify where your organisation’s lighting can be improved. We then put together a comprehensive business case, outlining in depth the costs and benefits to your business and the range of options available to you.

This allows us to design and install the most appropriate system for your needs and budget. Whether it’s re-designing your fittings, re-thinking your lighting layout or overhauling your entire lighting system (including implementing controls and sensors) to ensure that the new system works for you. This way, you are provided with an efficient and cost effective lighting system that will perform at it’s best for years to come.

Key Features of our LED lighting systems

  • Significant savings on electricity costs (savings depend on your existing and proposed systems).
  • Reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • Longer lifespan than conventional lighting.
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Reliable and efficient performance.
  • Sensor and control technology means energy is only being used when it’s needed.

Estimating your savings

Your exact savings will be dependent on your current and proposed lighting systems including lamp specifications, operating hours and electricity cost. For an estimate of how our LED lighting systems perform compared to your current system, see below or contact us for a quote.

Existing Lighting

Savings Available through LED equivalent

Halogen Lighting
halogen spotlight




T12 Fluorescent


T8 Fluorescent


T5 Fluorescent


Compact Fluorescent
Flourescent compact


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